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The Harley Owners Group® (H.O.G.®) is a sponsored club, operated by Harley-Davidson for enthusiasts of the brand’s motorcycles. It aims to promote not only a consumer product but also a lifestyle. H.O.G.® is the largest factory-sponsored riding club in the world.

H.O.G.® was created in 1983 to build longer-lasting and stronger relationships with Harley-Davidson’s customers, making ties between the company, its employees, dealers, and consumers. The goal of this branding effort is to present Harley-Davidson® as an American icon, with a focus on authenticity and pride in being American-made.



Not too long after the grand launching of Harley-Davidson® of Manila in March 2013, there rise the catalyst to bring together owners of Harley-Davidson® motorcycles and other enthusiasts of the famous H-D brand not only from Metro Manila but from the entire country.

With bro Nilo in charge, there came to assist him individuals who have been long members of H.O.G.® from outside the Philippines as well as from the new owners of H-D bikes thus paving the way for the establishment of H.O.G.® Philippines Chapter on June 24, 2013.

August 29, 2013 saw the induction of the founding members of H.O.G.® Philippines Chapter. A total of 34 H-D enthusiasts, who have been waiting for this momentous event to happen, pledged allegiance and swore to protect the interests of the group.

In November 2013, during H.O.G.’s 30th foundation anniversary, H.O.G.® Philippines Chapter joined the worldwide celebration and staged its first Baguio City-Pangasinan Ride.



Year 2021 for H.O.G. Manila is a kaleidoscope of extreme excitement and challenging experiences. Constrained with the pernicious pandemic that absolutely affected worldwide definitely impacted the mobility of all peoples and our group was too not spared.
It is in these trying times our beloved H.O.G. Manila was once again put to test. Our group has long been fortunate since inception to position capable leadership as such is the best formula yet to successfully steer our group to achieve its current and maintain its much-respected stature in the community of two wheels in the Philippines.
This year is considered as an interlude of internal development leading to the trimming of some noncommittal member of our ranks. It is through this due process that our group is recalibrated and well-tuned facilitating further the aim to attain camaraderie and unity that led our group to various epic long trips, short rides and exciting activities. All these considered victories are a result of a determined, committed and unwavering leadership headed by Bro Direk FD Osea. During his term, our group saw many “firsts” initiatives that redound to the benefit of members and also enhances the group’s civic responsibility. For the first time members were treated early on the year with the membership kit, later staging the Proby Nights (each per batch), the creation of an exclusive H.O.G. Manila website and the digitalization of membership trasactions but most importantly, the group entered into an agreement with the Department of Natural and Environmental Resources (DENR) to protect and develop a tract of land to share our resources and help rejuvenate mother earth. And of course, with the consistent support of H-D Manila, the Board of Directors, Council of Advisers and all the officers ensured the heavy load of tasks of the Director were proportionately and willingly shared. All these collective efforts by the leadership is in return gratefully acknowledged by the overwhelmingly active participation of the members, Ladies of Harley and the 40 newly patched members.
This year will long be remembered as the year that the leadership strongly reaffirmed our belief that the way to move our group forward is the re-enforcement to respect our established By-Laws. This message was made so clear to all members to no one’s doubt any more. Consequently, the ideal and proper circumstances are now well paved so conducive to bring our beloved H.O.G. Manila to higher heights, and this is the legacy that this leadership passes on to the next in charge to ensure to carry on our common aspiration “Ride and Have Fun”.
Member No. 002

Riding my bike and being able to go places were always a delight for me. An excuse from my daily life routine to be carefree and be somewhere. I always love seeing nature, the country side (the rice fields, rivers, coastal and mountain roads) while riding. It’s never just about being able to go from point A then just arrive to point B. It’s all about the in between of the journey. And what made it more better is being able to do it with a bunch of people with likewise passion for riding their Harley’s and seeing places. Travel buddies who embodies exactly what HOG is all about which is just to ride and have fun!
Member No. 187

The HOG Manila Chapter Philippines members are Friendly and welcoming group, share a common passion for riding Harley Davidson motorcycles. Harley Davidson gives us the best possible experience on the road. Every ride is a unique riding experience and an opportunity to make new friends and visit places. Riding events vary from group rides, long rides, short rides, safety courses, social responsibility, etc. While riding is the main emphasis to get together and camaraderie, YOU may bring forward the next new riding activity idea. Let’s Ride Safe and have Fun.
Member No. 124

The covid-19 pandemic has proven to be another challenge in my life, both as a public servant and as a private individual.
With all the negativity brought about by this unseen enemy, I feel a sense of companionship; that in this times where the majority are trapped within the solitude of the four corners of their houses due to quarantine, there is a family to which I know I belong. All thanks to the people with whom I share the same fondness and enthusiasm for two wheels- the Harley Owners Group- Manila Chapter. Thanks for the camaraderie my brothers and sisters. Let’s Ride and have Fun!
Orlando Yebra Jr.
Member No. 270

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